New Publisher Guide

Step One: e-mail Kyle at Introduce yourself and get on the mailing list.

Common Form is not a big, fancy website with delusions of grandeur. It’s a tight-knit conspiracy of lawyers advancing the state of art in legal drafting. You can always reach out to Kyle for clarification, guidance, or help.

Parts of the publishing process feel daunting or technical? E-mail Kyle.

Form isn’t showing up as you hoped? E-mail Kyle.

Get stuck following instructions somewhere? E-mail Kyle.

That being said, most folks want to move along under their own power, doing what they can for themselves. A few helpful resources to get you on your way:

Reviewers Editions explains reviewers editions, Common Form's system for numbered revision control.

Edition codes like 1e1u and 14e1u7d look cryptic right now. Put ten minutes into the website and they’ll become an intuitive way to number revisions. That alone makes ten minutes worthwhile. But more than that, reviewers editions are an invaluable tool for communicating to folks using and building on your work to keep up with your latest.

Typing Guide teaches you how to type contract language so that both people and computers can read its structure.

A few minutes learning how to type Common Forms unlocks all of Common Form's automated tools, massively reducing the grunt work of legal drafting. We don't number and format Common Forms. The computer does it for us. We don't check defined terms and cross-references in Common Forms. The computer does it for us. We don’t spend hours reviewing our forms for problematic or archaic usages. The computer does it for us.

You can try for yourself at

GitHub lives on GitHub, but you do not have to learn GitHub to contribute. You can always e-mail Kyle instead.

The files that determine what shows up on live on GitHub, a popular website for managing changes to websites and other technical projects. If you’d like to make changes to the website on your own, see the contributing guide in the repository.