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The contributors to this form grant you a license do everything that would otherwise violate their exclusive rights as copyright holders, under these conditions:

This form comes as is, without any warranty at all. As far as the law allows, no contributor will be liable for any damages related to this form, for any kind of legal claim.

If the form identifies itself by a distinctive title, and you make any changes to the form that might affect its meaning, other than by filling in blanks or choosing from provided alternative provisions, you must either remove all mention of that title from the form, or add a clarification notifying readers that your version is not identical to the form by that title.

If you submit revisions to the form to contributors for distribution in a new edition, you grant a license for your revisions on these terms, as well as a license to the original author of the form to relicense under different terms of their choice. The original author may assign their license to another contributor, who may assign in turn, and so on.