Enhanced Assurance About Patents

Additional Patent Guarantee

Provider guarantees that Permitted Use of the Service will not infringe any patent.

Additional Patent Indemnity

Subject to the “Indemnification Process” section of the Base Terms, Provider agrees to give Customer Indemnification for Legal Claims by others alleging that Permitted Use of the Service infringes any patent.

Damages Limit Exception

Unless the Rider says otherwise, the “Limited Damages” section of the Base Terms does not limit damages for breach of Additional Patent Indemnity.


The following terms mean the same in this add-on as in the base terms: Base Terms, Customer, Indemnification, Legal Claims, Permitted Use of the Service, Provider, Rider.


Type Form
Publisher passport
Project patent
Version Version 1.0.0-3 (1.0.0-3)
Published April 18, 2020
Permalink commonform.org/passport/patent/1.0.0-3
Complete commonform.org/passport/patent/1.0.0-3-complete
Annotated commonform.org/passport/patent/1.0.0-3-annotated