As a general rule, once a form gets published on, it stays there and does not change. In other words, the form will not be deleted and its substantive content will not change.

The purpose of this policy is to allow others to link to, cite, and incorporate every form on by reference. If forms could change willy-nilly, without warning, no competent counselor would do that.

As an example, kemitchell will not delete his Fairshake form, first edition, first update from Its address will work as a permalink. Its substantive content, starting from its preamble and ending with its definition of “New Intellectual Property”, will not change.

When kemitchell finds ways to improve his form, or even spots errors in it, there will be new editions of the Fairshake form. The first edition, first update will not change. If and when he becomes embarrassed by that early edition in the future, tough luck. He will publish something new and better, not purge his prior handiwork from Common Form history.

Bad usage decisions will not be purged from Common Form history.
Common Form will not purge forms from its site. Even terrible ones.

Top Tip! Those who want extra double super protection should consider archiving copies of webpages, or using a third-party service like The Internet Archive or to do so for them. By the by,’s source files are acceded to the GitHub Archive Program, in case you get really desperate.

Since inhabits the real world, there have to be a few exceptions:

Since we are but mortals, there will also be exceptions we haven’t though of yet. We will do our best to put them here when we do.