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  1. Name
  2. Closed
  3. Service
    1. Support Requests
    2. Responsiveness
  4. Fees
    1. Monthly Fee
    2. Additional Time
  5. Payment

Company and Developer agree to this project summary under their agreement on the terms of the Switchmode Developer Agreement:


The project's name is .


The project is a closed project.


Support Requests

Developer will respond to requests about configuration of, use of, and problems with submitted by Company personnel via .


Developer will respond to support requests during regular business hours, . Developer will respond to each support request within of receipt.


Monthly Fee

Company will pay Developer per calendar month for up to hours of support.

Additional Time

Company will pay Developer per hour, in fairly rounded quarter-hour increments, for support beyond the budget in Monthly Fee in any calendar month.


Developer will bill Company at the end of each calendar month.